This page is protected.

This page is for the polices that administrators must follow to keep their adminship or gain it. Please take your time to read these rules.

While everyone on wikia can read, edit and blog, administrators can do certain things others can't. If you would like to apply for an administrators please follow these polices:

Administrator abilities:Edit

  • Deleting and reverting pages, bring back page history and uploaded files
  • Locking/Protecting pages so it cannot be renamed or edited by any other user
  • Blocking IP Addresses or user names from editing
  • Banning and kicking people off chat
  • Editing the wikia theme design (interface)

How do I become an admin?Edit

To become an administrator you must have a fair ammount of main space edits, not just grammar mistakes and change of words but actual long, well written information.

You must be trusted by the wiki members and be an active member.

If you have ever been banned for longer than a day you cannot become an admin, because that means you have broken our chat policy rules which is unnacceptable for an administrator.

What admins can't do.Edit

Administrators cannot abuse over their power or their adminship will be taken away. Admins are simply here to help the wikia and stop trolls, spam and vandalisim. If you are aware of an admin abusing their power, please contact another administrator on their message wall/talk page.

Administrators cannot simply lock random pages that they think should be left alone, you may only lock pages that HAVE to be protected. For example, this page.