200px-MKwii Bob-omb
Bob-ombs, also known as Bomb-Ombs, are living, moving mechanical bombs with eyes and have a wind-up in the back. They are generic enemies who first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2, and have appeared in nearly every Mario game since then. Their appearance, intelligence, and status in relation to Mario differ widely from game to game. They are usually either a blueish or blackish color, but some variations are pink or red. They will also flash red and sometimes make beeping sounds if they are about to explode.

If this item is thrown backwards, it explodes after three seconds. When thrown forwards, the Bob-omb waits until another driver veers near it and explodes by them. This item later became a regular item in Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii. In Mario Kart 64, there are Mini Bomb Karts which resemble Bob-ombs. Additionally, both Mario Kart Wii and Double Dash!! have some courses that include Bomb-Cars, which are similar to Mini Bomb Karts and very similar to Bob-ombs.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! also includes a "Bob-omb Blast" battle game. Characters acquire nothing but Bob-ombs from the Item Boxes, and can carry up to five Bob-ombs at a time. Once thrown, the Bob-ombs will explode as soon as they hit the ground and damage anyone in the blast radius except for the person who threw the Bob-omb (the Bob-ombs and their explosions are colour-coded to match the players).