180px-Chain Chomp Roulette
Chain Chomp Wheel is a Battle Course. It takes place inside a casino's roulette wheel with a gigantic Chomp rolling around and squashing racers in its path. Strangely enough this arena is located underwater, as a Mega Unagi and Cheep-Cheeps can be swimming outside by looking out the windows located on the walls of the wheel. As with Funky Stadium, the players start from off the map on Boost Pads

Because this Battle Course is based off of a Roulette, it is round with a small incline, and is always moving. Boost Pads are located on the outer section of the wheel and in the very center of the wheel (which can be used to get Item Boxes located in the wheel's spinner.

Item Boxes are spread out around every few sections of the wheel and in the middle of a large star (which appears to act as the wheel's spinner), making it similar to the layout of Tart Top, a previous Battle course. As stated above, a Chain Chomp rolls around the course, and anyone who runs into it is flattened. The Chomp appears on the map, so it can easily be avoided.