Desert Hills
Desert Hills is the first course in the Leaf Cup. It has lots of sharp turns so drifting constantly is recommended. The dark sand makes you slow down, more if you have bad off-road. Really dark sand is out-of-bounds and Lakitu has to come rescue you. The Angry Sun throws out fireballs that slow you down.The track starts near an oasis with a small lake where a racer can sink in the water, bringing Lakitu for the rescue. To the right of the first turn, the track partially surrounds a pyramid made out of Brick Blocks while racers leave the oasis to find then a field of dunes infested of Pokeys sliding to the sides of the course. Just before the finish line, a curly path of soft sand will cause karts (especially those with high drifting) to lose a bit of control, ending up on going to rough ground zone and lose speed. The Pipes, Angry Sun, and blocks are the same of Super Mario Bros. 3.


  1. When the pyramid comes, go to the left and use two mushrooms.
  2. Cut off sand by using a mushroom right after the jump
  3. Cut off sand my using mushrooms to go throught many hilly and sharp curves.