MKwii Yoshifalls
Yoshi Falls is the 2nd track in the Shell Cup. It was originaly on MKDS. This has a waterfall and speed boosts.Racers start far the edge of the cliff protected by a bar. As they go onwards, they can take either of the upper half of the track or the lower half, taking advantage to run faster but also being vulnerable to fall off or being pushed off by the rapids crossing the path. The upper level, however, has a bridge to cross safely over the waters, and handy Item Boxes. Racers then must take the second bridge, also containing Item Boxes. The stream of the second rapid down the bridge is more powerful, so it results easy to fall to the lake by taking this way. Certain item as a Star would serve to pass the obstacle and gain more time. Briefly, past the second bridge, characters can run over useful Dash Panels in the upper half, while the lower half has none of these speed boosters, some Item Boxes appear down the third bridge, unlike the upper stretch which does not have any. Once passed the bridge and the Dash Panels, the track ends in the finish line, which starts another lap of the course.

Staff Ghost:1:16:461 by Nin*DoTak

Fast Staff Ghost:1:09:175 by Nin*FJ