Daisy circuit
Daisy Circuit is the 1st course of the Star Cup. This course simply has cones that slow you down a little. Other than that, there are no obstacles. This track also features 2 large statues; one of Daisy and Luig
i dancing and one of their baby selves dancing.

The course takes place in a regular circuit that runs through a small town near the ocean. Daisy's Cruiser can be seen in the background. The time of the day is sunset, as the sun is low and the sky is orange. The majority of this course is straightforward as there are no quirks or turns in this course. Cones act as simple obstacles that simply slow the player down if he/she happens to run into. Two fountains are in the middle of the course in which the player must turn around in order to go to the next section of the course.

The track begins rather straight leading up to a sharp right hand turn into the town, where Toads, Piantas, Boos and Sledge Bros. line the streets. The road is slightly twisty and with cones, but this doesn't pose much of a problem as far as obstacles and slowing down the player is concerned.

After the town are the two fountains. Racers are able to go either right or left of the fountains around them. There are item boxes around the second fountain for the player to grab. After passing by the fountains is a small tunnel which gently flows to the right. Miis are present in this tunnel, cheering for the character. Right after the tunnel is a straight road that leads to a large hairpin turn around the lighthouse. Soon after this is another straightway that leads to a left hand turn going back to the start/finish line for the start of another lap.


A small shortcut can be taken here by going into a narrow passage in the pink building found here. Since it is offroad, it will slow the player down if the player manages to go into it. Boost panels, a ramp with a boost panel in it, and an item block compensate for the loss of speed while going through this shortcut.