180px-Delfino Pier
Delfino Pier is a Battle course on Mario Kart Wii. It is of the five new Battle courses. The course takes place in a docking zone, which is a reminiscent of Delfino Square, and implies to take place somewhere on Isle Delfino. After a while a bell will toll, which signifies the raising water level and opens three small gates and lowers the bridge leading into another section of the course. The water floods into almost half of the entire battle course, and submerges the lower half of the pier, forcing racers to move to higher ground.The course begins on top of a large square base with a steep incline leading up to a narrower section, which has many Item Boxes on it. Two chimneys (which blow out item boxes) and a bridge are on this section of the battlefield as well. Two small ramps that appear on this incline have Boost Pads on them. There is a small section under the bridge which has one Item Box and three gates (which remain closed until the water level raises). After a small amount of time passes the bell will toll, and the gates open up and the bridge is lowered. Past the gates is a storage room. Another item box appears hovering over a small section of grating, as well as in front of two flights of stars leading up to the top-most section of the arena (the roof of the storage room). The top section has Boost Pads close to the opening of the stairs. Item boxes are, once again, exhaled by another chimney, and found spread all around the roof.