Delfino Square is the 3rd track in the Banana Cup. It's inspired by Delfino Plaza.The race takes place in part of a plaza and the pier. The major feature of the track is the drawbridge before the end of the course connecting the pier and the plaza. The bridge rises and lowers during the race.

Shortcuts:Delfino Square contains two main shortcuts the player can perform. The first shortcut is located right before crossing the stone bridge. Turning off to the lawn and the tree, a racer can jump and land to a wooden dock near the pier, shaving off a few seconds. It surely works if having a Mushroom or a Star on hand. The second shortcut is found in the pier ahead the corner. Hidden by a pair of crates, a narrow alley covered in dirt deals racers a slight advantage over their opponent. Just as the first, the latter requires a speed booster to run efficiently over the mud. However, taking no care about the consequences, players may end up leading off to the sea when pass to the other side by excessive speed. After passing the first bridge and making a left-hand turn, there will be a hidden passage, which is past some crates. This off-road shortcut can heavily slow down any vehicle, regardless of off-road statistics, so a Mushroom or a Star is required to get through it quickly.

Staff Ghost:2:41:807 by Nin*iwaco

Fast Staff Ghost:2:24:169 by Nin*TARO