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Shy Guy Beach is the 2nd track in the Banana Cup.

It is entirely remade to be 3D instead of 2D. There are crabs all around the beach. A Pirate Guy ship can be seen in the backround.


After the first turn, if the player use a Mushroom over the dark green grass there is a little spot that's light green. It is effective because it leads right to the shallow water where the small island is.


Staff Ghost:01:45.568 by Nin★Kato

Fast Staff Ghost:01:32.867 by Nin★Matt

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese GBA ヘイホービーチ

Heihoo Biichi

GBA Shy Guy Beach
Spanish GBA Playa Shy Guy GBA Shy Guy Beach
French (NOA) GBA Plage Shy Guy GBA Shy Guy Beach
French (NOE) GBA Plage Maskass GBA Shy Guy Beach
German GBA Shy Guy-Strand GBA Shy Guy-Beach
Italian GBA Timid Type Beach GBA Shy Guy Beach
Portuguese GBA Praia Shy Guy GBA Shy Guy Beach

Changes from the original

  • Palm trees, parasols, and Sidesteppers were added at a few places.
  • A banner was added above the starting line.

Official Descriptions

  • Official European Website: “The sunshine and blue ocean might make you feel like you’re on holiday, but there’s no time to relax – that ship on the horizon is about to start firing cannon balls!”
  • Official Website: “Tough off-road drifting, slowing patches of grass and water, and crossing crabs make for a difficult race.”