How to avoid a Blue shell:

While a blue shell is coming after you, drift. Then when it's just about to hit you, stop drifting. You will get a speed boost and avoid the blue shell. How to avoid a Red shell: Banana peel. Start: As soon as the "2" begins to fade in the countdown at the beginning of a race, hit and hold A (2) until the race starts. This will give you the maximum starting speed boost.

Everyone plays as the same character:

Go to VS. mode and bring everyone who wants to play. Have player 1 select the character you all want to play. Then hit the B button to go back to the menu that has solo race and team race. Select the solo race again. Have player 2 do the same thing. If you have more than 2 players, let them do the same. When the last person who did it comes to the character select screen, all the blinking lights should be on the same character. Select and play!

Miss the Pow Block:

Shake your wii remote feriously. be in mid air.