N64 Bowser's Castle is the 4th track of the
120px-MKWii N64BowserCastle
Lightning Cup. In this version, lava columns spring out from the pits to cause the drivers to bowl over, specially when racers attempt to jump. The green Thwomp now is just one of the new Thwomps, and is not significant. It is also impossible to go in the cage. If the player gets too close the Thwomp will get angry-looking. The flame-shooting statues are still harmless. Bowser's laugh is still heard on entry on the final lap, or when the player gets too close to the Bowser statue at the start of the track.
Staff Ghost 3:19:323 by Nin*GASK2 (Mario Kart Wii)
Expert Staff Ghost 2:55:933 by Nin*Kentan (Mario Kart Wii)