Rosalina is unlocked by getting a star ranking in all mirror cups, retro and wii. She is in the large weight class. Rosalina is a reccuring character from Super Mario Galxey.

s an unlockable character in Mario Kart Wii and she was introduced into the series in Super Mario Galaxy.

Rosalina is not very difficult to unlock if you have Super Mario Galaxy; but if you don't, unlocking her is very hard. If you don't have Super Mario Galaxy, you must get 1 star rank in all 8 mirror cups . When in a kart, she wears her normal dress from Super Mario Galaxy. If you pick her and a bike, she wears a little racing suit. Rosalina + Wario Bike is a great combo. Another good combination for Rosalina is the Shooting Starand Rosalina and the flame runner. She is shown with a Luma flying around her when racing or doing anything in the game. She is at the bottom of the menu page, between King Boo and Funky Kong. All the color schemes for her karts and bikes are usually a sea-foam green or turquoise color, but with some karts and bikes she has some purple and yellow stripes. When in single player mode, Rosalina is one of the top-placed players in the race since she has advantages in a lot of the statistics. She loves stars and she is very tall.


When Rosalina was a young, probably between the ages of 4 and 6, she went into space looking for a Luma's mom. When Rosalina went into space, her parents and brother fell in asleep under a tree, forever. She now lives with bio-luminescent beings called Lumas who refer to her as "Mother." She lives in Rainbow Road with Luma.

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  1. Toadetterocks, Flame Runner
  2. Puffles4life, Standard Bike L

Stat Bon

Top Speed, Handling, Drift +3.

Princess Rosetta-Rosalina

Where's Luma?