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Star Cup is a representation of four to five courses in the Mario Kart series and its symbol is a Star. In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, this cup is completed to unlock the Special Cup. This cup usually consists of courses that are better suited for Mario Kart veterans. There are more gimmicks, boost pads, and jumps here. The tracks are usually as long as the ones from Flower Cup.

The cup appeared also in certain Mario sports games like Mario Smash Football and Mario Superstar Baseball. In Mario Smash Football, the Star Cup has eight teams, seven rounds, and uses the table system. When the player finishes in the top 3, the Bowser Cup and The Battle Dome are unlocked. A similar cup is the Super Star Cup. The Star Cup also appeared in Mario Sports Mix as a harder difficulty, not unlike the other series. The Star Cup in Mario Sports Mix includes the final match against the Final Fantasy team and Behemoth or Behemoth King after the players have completed the cup.

Game[1] Course 1[2] Course 2[3] Course 3[4] Course 4[5] Course 5[6]
Super Mario Kart Koopa Beach 1 Choco Island 2 Vanilla Lake 1 Bowser Castle 3 Mario Circuit 4
Mario Kart 64 Wario Stadium Sherbet Land Royal Raceway Bowser's Castle N/A
Mario Kart Super Circuit Snow Land Ribbon Road Yoshi Desert Bowser Castle 3 N/A
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Sherbet Land Mushroom City Yoshi Circuit DK Mountain N/A
Mario Kart DS DK Pass Tick-Tock Clock Mario Circuit Airship Fortress N/A
Mario Kart Wii Daisy Circuit Koopa Cape Maple Treeway Grumble Volcano N/A

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